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I'm always looking for a way to improve and focus on the constantly ignored surreality of the world. I get a lot of ideas from it. Not everything is original. But is anything really original these days?


Just to be fair, I have a lot of odd favorites that you may find, in your own opinion, that they're detestable and/or offensive. Don't complain to me or the artists who made them, instead, just leave. Simple as that. I'd like to be able to get along.


Hyper ReCollision 

3 deviants said Press Start.
No deviants said Sequel to Archie's "When Worlds Collide", featuring the Mega Man X series!
No deviants said I.e. "ReCollision" for short or "Hyper Dream ReCollision" ( maybe? ._.; ) in full
No deviants said The Mobians and the Reploids (Of Robians and Reploids~ .u. )
No deviants said MoboRoboBros!
No deviants said Sonic and the Mavericks~ ouo (Sung in Josie and the Pussycats tune)
No deviants said I think this idea is stupid because I'm just an anti (potential Archie) Mega Man/Sonic series/fan/franchise hater that has no reason to be here. :T


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Well, I've never had points yet. I thought it'd be a good goal to set. I'd also like to get 5000 llama badges too.

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Jul 21, 2014
9:38 pm
Jul 21, 2014
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Thanks for faving The Hero of Time...!
Fri Mar 9, 2012, 10:28 AM
thanks for fave!
Sun Feb 26, 2012, 12:06 PM
thanks for faves :D
Sat Feb 18, 2012, 11:42 PM
Thanks for faving "The American!"
Mon Feb 13, 2012, 3:14 PM
Thanks for the fav!
Sun Jan 29, 2012, 7:21 PM
thanks for the fav
Thu Jan 12, 2012, 10:13 PM
Request! If anyone finds a picture online of America choking Russia to death with his scarf, could they send it to me in a not? I saw it before, but I can't find it anymore on this sight.
Tue Oct 25, 2011, 10:45 PM
It seems it's no longer considered creative to say 'thanks for the fav', however, with limited space; thanks for the fav.
Sun Sep 18, 2011, 11:23 PM
Scrolling to your shoutbox..... a harrowing task indeed....
Sun Sep 11, 2011, 10:47 AM
Sun Sep 4, 2011, 1:04 AM



Please stop taking your time to come along to my profile just to thank me for favoriting your work or watching you. Honestly, there is no need to do it at all. If I favorited something you did or watched you, it was because you were worth that action. It's a subtle sort of way of saying THANK YOU FOR THE ART YOU MAKE AND ALLOWING ME THE OPPORTUNITY TO WATCH YOU PRODUCE MORE. So why do you need to thank me? Answer, you don't. I don't mind if you make recommendations in your gallery, but understand that I may have taken the time to do so.
I use to thank and oblige people with a "you're welcome" for favoriting or watching, but I suddenly realized it's a waste of time. Especially when your activity and comments are chock full. It's a sort of empathy you grow to understand as time passes, especially towards very popular artists who receive a constant number of those sorts of messages of thanks or favorites.
This doesn't mean I don't want to converse, but I'd like to allow some relevance of conversation, you know? I'll even roleplay as long as we actually do something of both our interests intertwining, reasonable spelling and sentences, and including an actual plot rather than crack. That's not to say I don't mind humor. I just have my own set standards for things. If you feel offended by this, then I'm not sorry because I wasn't even bothering to offend you. Just leave it alone and move along with dignity, my dear. But please honor my request. If not, then we shall duel.

South Park Meme

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 19, 2014, 9:56 PM

[/] You're the normal kid (Compared to most, I sure am.)
[ ] You have an older sister/s
[ ] You often puke
[/] You have a poof-ball hat (Two! o/)
[ ] One of your parents is a geologist
[/] Your dad can be really stupid/stubborn (But not comparable to the worthless bile that is Randy Marsh.)
[ ] You have a boyfriend/girlfriend
[ ] You have a lot of talents
Count:  3

[/] You're Jewish (Explaining the "who is a Jew" thing is too painful to do. ^^;)
[/] You own an ushanka (Not for long. Damn do I miss the comfortable flaps. :c )
[ ] You have an adopted sibling
[ ] You easily get mad
[/] Your hair is curly (Wavy curly.)
[ ] You're diabetic
[/] Green and/or Orange are one of your favorite colors (A couple of mine.)
[ ] One of your parents is a lawyer
Count:  4

[ ] You're fat/big-boned
[ ] You get made fun of because of your body weight
[ ] People make fat jokes about you
[/] You eat a lot of junk food (Imma hit McD's.)
[/] You love acting/dressing like Hitler (The curious mind behind the chocolate bomb assassination concept.)
[ ] You think Ginger Kids have no souls
[ ] You've once made over 10,000 dollars
[ ] You have a single mother for a reason
Count:  2

[ ] You hide your face
[/] You're quiet (And mellow.)
[ ] You love boobies
[/] You're such a pervert with a dirty mind (Love me some Rule 34 here.)
[ ] You have cheesed before
[ ] You're poor
[ ] Your parents fight all the time
[ ] You beg for money
Count:  2

[ ] You often get called "gay"
[ ] You get grounded all the time
[ ] You don't have a lot of hair
[/] You have a fat ass friend (Who isn't evil and manipulative.)
[/] You're not that popular at school (Just a face.)
[ ] You tap dance
[/] You've fallen in love with the opposite sex (Gorgeous fellas.)
Count:  3

[/] You flip people off (It's usually needed.)
[ ] You're one of the cool kids at school
[/] You've gotten ripped off before (People can just be total dicks.)
[/] You think you're cool (As a cold glass of milk.)
[ ] Most of the time you're not happy 
[/] You don't participate in anything you think sucks (Unless for some reason I need or have to.)
[/] If you did something you have never done before, you would be so happy (As a clam.)
[ ] Your last name starts with a T
Count:  5

[/] You're attractive (At least I've been confirmed by other non-blood-related people that I am. My self esteem is fine either way.)
[ ] You love tacos
[ ] Girls/Guys love you
[/] You love parties (But I love raves more.)
[/] Your friends are mean to other people (Well, it happens.)
[/] Your hair is messy sometimes (It does that.)
[ ] You often wear red and/or blue 
[ ] You look at Playboy Magazines
Count:  4

[/] You can't stand pressure (Fuck, I got a headache.)
[ ] Your coffee obsessed 
[ ] You shake a lot
[/] Your usually rest-less (Night vision goggles.)
[ ] You have blonde curly/spikey short hair
[ ] You have a lack of focus 
[/] you forget most things easily (My brain will derp on me.)
[ ] You panic easily 
Count: 3

[ ] You're African American
[ ] You're rich
[ ] Anything racist gets you mad
[/] You're a nice guy/girl (Generally.)
[/] You wear purple and yellow (My high school's colors actually.)
[ ] You know/knew someone with the last name "Black" 
[ ] You live in a big house
[/] You've kicked a fat kid before (We kicked each other.)
Count:  3

[ ] You're a Straight A Student 
[ ] You're a feminist and Egalitarian 
[ ] You have a cute boyfriend/girlfriend
[ ] You fall in love with other girls
[/] You get called a "hoe" (What up.)
[ ] You get mad easily at things against you
[ ] School is fun to you 
Count:  1

[/] Your hair is blonde (As a wheat field in sunlight.)
[/] You love boys/girls with hot asses (It's a necessary asset. Hurr...)
[ ] Your boyfriend/girlfriend is the eye candy
[ ] You are/were a head/regular cheerleader
[/] You like playing Truth or Dare (The stuff you say and do.)
[ ] You love girl talk
[ ] You're part of a Secret Committee
Count: 3

[ ] You have straight red hair
[ ] You wear violet
[/] You can be a total bitch at some times (We all have that moment.)
[/] You love talking on the phone (More on Skype, but same dif.)
[/] You get called by your nickname (I have a few.)
[ ] When your parents are gone, you invite people over
[ ] You have fallen in love with the eye candy
[ ] You talk only to your friends
Count: 3

Randy Marsh:
[ ] You've been drunk before
[ ] You are often stupid
[ ] You want to become a geologist one day
[ ] You fight with baseball fathers/mothers
[ ] You have gotten arrested for a stupid reason
[ ] You play childish games
[ ] You've once did something gay in your life
[ ] You love beer
Count:  In no fucking way will it ever be. 

Aaaaand I'm apparently Craig Tucker. I guess it's not so surprising. I'm boring like that. Just the way I like it.

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I have many identities, but just call me Gobi. My life is just your basic person trying to achieve a career in artistry; the question is, what kind? I'd like to animate or make comics really, but maybe commissions could be in a part of that daily routine. Til then, I'll be trying to fathom the mysterious workings of a computer to help expand my digital art.


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